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This site is dedicated to the people who settled Dodge County, Georgia. 

While some of the pioneers occupied the area that later became Dodge County, only certain items can be used to verify that:  histories of families, burial in area and 1870 census East of the River for Pulaski County.  Other than these, the 1880 census was the first census in Dodge County.  Marriages began very soon after its establishment in 1870.  However, many of these marriages were between people in neighboring counties or people passing thru to other areas. People are still moving into and out of Dodge County.  After 1950, identification of most of these settlers are limited to burials in Dodge County.  Settlers are categorized as follows:

Living people are not included as a matter of privacy.

Pioneers (Before 1881):  The genealogical data is setup to identify the first settlers of a surname to enter Dodge County.  One normally thinks all people with the same surname being related.  Obviously, if you go far enough back in history, this would be true.  But, when one looks at a county that was created in 1870, this is not true.  Data included herein, addresses the date that each family head came to Dodge County.

Since this site is to show people that have lived in Dodge County, it is different from other genealogies that trace a single family form the top person to the last person in the family line.  This data is composed of the labeling of the first ancestor settling into Dodge County to the last non-living descendant or the last person to leave Dodge County.

One can trace the very first settler to Dodge County of each surname by looking at the Ancestor listings.  These listing are arranged by alphabet.  Under the A's you can see terms such as Ancestor-A to Ancestor-Z.  This allows you to choose to view the first person in the family to enter Dodge County.

Early Settlers (1880 to 1930):  Under the ancestor listings you will also see titles like Adams 1932 Ancestor-A). This allows you to know when the family came into dodge County.

Continuing Settlers (After 1930):  And even those late comers are identified by date as to when they came to Dodge County.

Family SheetsFrom the below index of Dodge County settler surnames, there are links to various family sheets.  From the family sheets, links are provided to parents/children. 

INDEX of White Settlers

 INDEX of Black Settlers

Please note that data here was merged from many other files on the Ancestry website and from some GEDCom files received from other sources.  Thanks to all of those that contributed to the website and insight into your family.

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