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Dodge County has over 50 BLM cemeteries in various states of use and condition.  It is hoped that this site will bring attention to the cemeteries in bad condition and that efforts will be made to refurbish and maintain this vital history of Dodge County. Some cemeteries have already been lost and others abandoned.  With each of these occurrences, more valuable information is lost.

Even some of the better kept cemeteries are noted for unmarked graves. As names are listed in each cemetery, an indication of possible unmarked graves is provided.  When available, link to the headstone of the individual is provided.

Cemeteries have various names over their history, especially the smaller family cemeteries. Below is a list of names as contained in the three sources listed on the main page and the names used in the genealogical data on this site.  Click on the cemetery name on the left to view information about it.

Only several of the BLM cemeteries have been completed, these will be accomplished in the future.

 Some Cemeteries outside of  Dodge County are listed, but only people from Dodge County are listed in that cemetery.

Cemetery Data   PL Website   1989 Book
Name Lat Long District #Burs   Name   Name
Antioch-Dempsey Cem (BLM) 32.243548 -83.233593 1     Dempsey BC Cemetery   Antioch-Dempsey Church Cemetery
Barney Nr1 Cem (BLM) 31.980720 -83.230820 3     Barney I Cemetery                                   AKA  Reaves-Bates Cemetery   Reaves-Bates Cemetery
Barney Nr2 Cem (BLM) 31.990510 -83.241549 3     Barney II Cemetery   Bonney Cemetery
Buchans Cem (BLM) ? ?       Buchans Cemetery    
Burch Nr5 Cem (BLM) 32.401804 -83.176417 2     Burch Cemetery African American        AKA  Springfield-Burch Cemetery   Burch Cemetery
Burney-Cooper Cem (BLM) 32.062137 -83.208531 3     Burney Cooper Cemetery   Burney-Cooper Cemetery
Chauncey Cem (BLM) 32.107199 -83.057099 3     Chauncey Cemetery African American   Riley Cemetery
Chester Cem (BLM) ? ?       Chester Colored Cemetery    
Christian Hoke Cem (BLM) ? ?       Christian Hoke Cemetery    
Coffee Graveyard (BLM)           Coffee Graveyard    
Drench Grove BC Cem (BLM) 32.324254 -83.118177 2     Drench Grove Baptist Cemetery   Drench Grove BC Cemetery
Eastman Cem (BLM) 32.210400 -83.191460 1 187   Eastman Cemetery   Eastman Cemetery
Ebenezar Cem (BLM) 32.148313 -83.065240 3     Ebenezar Cemetery   Ebenezer BC Cemetery
Empire Cem (BLM) ? ?       Empire Cemetery    
Evergreen Cem (BLM) 32.121135 -83.166077 3     Evergreen Cemetery    
Free Gift C Cem (BLM) 32.111657 -83.260344 4     Free Gift Church Cemetery   Free Gift Church Cemetery
Friendship Cem (BLM) 32.288388 -83.286415 2     Friendship Cemetery                             AKA Whiting Cemetery   Whiting Cemetery
Giddens Gift HCG Cem (BLM) 32.274902 -83.129943 2     Giddens Gift HCG Cemetery    
Godwinsville C Cem (BLM) 32.134899 -83.128223 3     Godwinsville Church Cemetery    
Granny Field Cem (BLM) ? ? 3 5   Granny Field Cemetery    
Hamby Cem (BLM) ? ?       Hamby Cemetery    
Hamilton Cem (BLM) 32.099183 -83.117241 3     Hamilton Cemetery   Hamilton Cemetery
Hopewell Cem (BLM) 32.231386 -83.095520 3     Hopewell Cemetery   Hopewell Church Cemetery
Hunt Cem (BLM) 32.299891 -83.293411 2     Hunt Cemeteery   Hunt Cemetery
Inglewood Cem (BLM) 32.057363 -83.268545       Inglewood Cemetery   Inglewood Cemetery
Lockett Cem (BLM) 32.242030 -83.229426 1     Lockett Cemetery    
Lucas Cem (BLM) ? ?       Lucas Cemetery    
Mars Hill BC Cem (BLM) ? ?       Mars Hill BC Cemetery    
May Cem (BLM) ? ?       May Cemetery    
Mill Creek Cem (BLM) 31.960655 -83.146475 3     Mill Creek Cemetery    
Mt Annis C Cem (BLM) 32.167400 -83.276820       Mt Annis Church Cemetery   Mt. Annis BC Cemetery
Mt Olive BC Cem (BLM) 32.076305 -83.218873 4     Mt. Olive Cemetery    
Mullin Cem (BLM) 32.106781 -83.078642 3     Mullin Cemetery    
Mullis-Hill Cem (BLM) ? ?       Mullis Hill Cemetery    
New Canaan BC Cem (BLM) 32.395915 -83.158037 2     New Canaan BC Cemetery    
New Hope FWBC Cem (BLM) 32.339350 -83.300530 2     New Hope Church Cemetery    
New Piney Grove BC Cem (BLM) 32.146558 -83.205043 4     New Piney Grove BC Cemetery   Piney Grove Church Cemetery
New Providence Church Cem (BLM) ? ?       New Providence Church Cemetery    
Pilgrims Hill Cem (BLM)? ? ?       Pilgrims Hill Cemetery    
Pleasant MBC Cem (BLM) 32.238031 -83.195409 1     Pleasant Hill Miss Baptist Cemetery    
Rosa Lee Cem (BLM) 32.206003 -83.306577 2     Rosa Lee Cemetery    
Rozier Cem (BLM) 32.240095 -83.311054 2     Rozier Cemetery   Rozier Cemetery
Ruth Prince Cem (BLM) 32.104995 -83.156699 3     Ruth Prince Cemetery   Ruth Prince Cemetery
Sanders Cem (BLM) 32.108053 -83.034884 3     Sanders Cemetery   Zanders Cemetery
Simmons Cem (BLM) 32.266053 -83.340645 2     Simmons Cemetery   Simmons Cemetery
St James BC Cem (BLM) ? ? 1     St James BC Cemetery    
Thankful Cem (BLM) 32.365337 -83.222029 2     Thankful Cemetery    
Tom Buchan Cem (BLM) ? ?       Tom Buchan Cemetery    
Towns Graveyard (BLM) ? ?       Towns Graveyard    
Walker Cem (BLM) 31.982054 -83.147159 3     Walker Cemetery    
Watson Cem (BLM) 32.048892 -83.051677 3     Watson Cemetery    
Zion Hill (BLM) 32.241082 -83.313499 2     Zion Hill Cemetery    
McDuffie Cem (BLM) ? ?       McDuffie Cemetery    
Rockwell BC Cem           Rockwell BC Cemetery    

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