Text Box: Direction to cemetery from the main red light in Eastman
Text Box: Name and location of Cemetery
Middle Ground BC Cem

Dodge County, Georgia

Text Box: A top view of cemetery



Directions to Cemetery Overview of Cemetery
From Red Light in Eastman intersection of Hwy 117, 87, 46, 341 Bus & 23

Head northeast on 5th Ave toward Eastman St for 0.2 mi

Turn left onto GA-117N/Anson Ave, go 5.3 mi

Turn left onto Middle Ground Church Rd, go 6.1 mi

Cemetery is on right

Comments from Sources:

35 unmarked graves identified by 2002 team.




Text Box: Surname statistics are list of surnames (married names of females are mostly used) and count of the surnames in this cemetery.    TS stands for tombstone.

Text Box: Burial statistics by age.
Unk Infants are infants where the dates are unknown.
Infants are children 3 years old or less.
10's are children from 4 years old to 19 years old
Unknown are graves with unknown dates

Text Box: Burial Statistics by years.  Unknown is where the death date has not yet occurred or is truly unknown.
Unmarked is an indication of a grave that does not have a tombstone or (in some cases) have been totally lost.

Burial by Years Statistics Burial by Age Statistics Surname Statistics
TS Surname CountOfTS Surname
? 1
Allen 14
Asbell 1
Ashley 1
Bacon 2
Bailey 1
Barlow 4
Bartlett 2
Beck 3
Boutwell 1
Brady 2
Braswell 6
Brewer 12






Text Box: Tombstone information  with links to genealogical info.
TSSurname:  Surname of Tombstone name
TS Name:  Name on Tombstone
ID:  Genealogical ID number that provides a line to the genealogical data 
Gen Name:  genealogical Name used for the genealogical pages.
Sex:  Sex of the person buried (U indicates unknown sex)
Birth-Date:  Date of birth of person (blank or Unknown indicates that date is not known)
Death-Date: Date of death of person (blank or Unknown indicates that date is not known)
U:  If "U" is in this column, it indicates that the grave is unmarked
HS:  Link to the find a grave website where a picture of the headstone is available.
List of names & information in this cemetery is listed below:

TS Surname TS Name ID Gen Name Sex Birth-Date Death-Date M HS
? Infant Daughter ? I129703 Infant Daughter ? F

Allen Martha Allen I17643 Martha "Mattie" Fennell F 10 OCT 1862 12 APR 1939  
Allen Laura L. Allen I46903 Laura Henrietta Leopold F 6 DEC 1890 13 MAR 1949  
Allen Leon D. Allen I46902 Leon David Allen M 8 NOV 1891 24 FEB 1961  
Allen Leon J. Allen I39486 Leon Jackson Allen M 27 AUG 1916 29 DEC 1980  
Allen Nellie C. Allen I19431 Nellie Cain F 25 NOV 1918 10 NOV 2006  
Allen Wiley Oliver Allen I39368 Wiley Oliver Allen M 12 FEB 1919 17 MAY 1972  
Allen Harry Wesley Allen I39359 Harry Wesley 'Bud' Allen M 7 NOV 1920 15 MAR 2002  
Allen Herman M. Allen I4243 Herman Merrel Allen M 29 AUG 1928 2 JUN 1987  
Allen Sarah M. Allen I39457 Sarah "Nell" Wynnell McCullars F 8 JAN 1928 11 APR 2006  
Allen Jacqueline T. Allen I17640 Jacqueline Tripp F 10 OCT 1932 29 DEC 2013  
Allen Linton E. Allen I17641 Linton Eugene Allen M 27 JUL 1933 FEB 1980  
Allen Gene Edison Allen I37533 Gene Edison 'Ed' Allen M 30 NOV 1937 25 APR 2001 U
Allen William David Allen I39459 William David Allen M 14 MAR 1950 26 FEB 2009  
Allen Stanley Allen I1798 Stanley Allen M 1952 1952  
Asbell Cohen F. Asbell I21622 Cohen Frederick Asbell M 24 MAR 1859 1930  
... ... I00000 ... F    

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Last Update:  10 Nov 2022

Note:  Every effort was made to find each cemetery and list all known people buried in the cemetery. 
However, the list is not kept up daily and data after 2017 may or may not be listed.
An indication of an unmarked Grave came from the absence of the listing in the 2003 cemetery book. 
Obviously, the grave could have been missed by the taker or by myself as I entered the data.  The PL website
could have placed the grave in the wrong cemetery.  But the most probable reason was that the grave was not marked.